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I've taken a few pokes at the bad science of Rhawn Joseph and the Journal of Cosmology over the years — for instance, in this post summarizing an article that was little more than a thinly threaded excuse to show off pictures of women in bikinis, or this post about their claim to have found bacteria in meteorites.

I think my criticism must have stung.

Check out the bikini post at the Journal of Cosmology now. It's been removed, with the disclaimer, "CENSORED This Article Has Been Censored and Removed Due to Threats and Complaints Received." I am amused. I wouldn't take all the credit, since I'm sure many people found that article ludicrous to an extreme, except…


Well, this is really weird. Notice in the header for the journal's online page that it gives two URLs: takes you to the various articles in the journal, but they also own Allow me to show you the front page for I'll preserve it here since I rather expect it will be pulled in embarrassment at some time in the future. is For Sale

Sale Price:


Price Based on Estibot estimated value.

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In Honor of P. Z. Myers

P. Z. Myers celebrating

Is P. Z. Myers a "frothing at the mouth lunatic" who raves about subjects he knows nothing about?
Absolutely not. There is no evidence of "frothing."

Copyright 2009, 2010, 2011 All Rights Reserved

Ah, yes…because nothing says you've got a property worth $100,000 like slapping photoshopped pictures of my face on obese women's bodies.

And look! They have a whole page dedicated to my honor! I wonder what level of professionalism we'll see there? Just in case that goes away, too, I've put a copy below the fold.

P. Z. Myers (AKA "Lard Ass Myers") relaxing at home.

This Special Edition is in Honor of P. Z. Myers:
Professional Crackpot, Hate-Monger, and Ignorant Lard Ass.

P. Z. Myers has made quite an impression on the folks at

And no, Mr. P. Z., "Cosmology" is not "cosmetology" and does not refer to cosmetics, lipstick, and makeup--which we understand you hide in your closet along with your...

The Journal of Cosmology has dismissed P. Z. Myers as a "frothing at the mouth lunatic" who raves about subjects he knows nothing about. We disagree. We don't see any "frothing." Or, maybe they meant "frosting."

Professional charlatan, liar, fraud, professional ignoramus and hate-mongering crackpot - This is what we love about P. Z. Myers. He epitomizes ignorance at its best! Reality? Hah. PZ only visits as a tourist.

Facts, truth, integrity, honor, knowledge, the advancement of science? P. Z is against 'em.

P.Z Myers is rightly proud of his accomplishments: Before he became a professional blogger specializing in subjects he knows nothing about, he worked as the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

His greatest scientific discovery was finding his socks after they got lost in the dryer!

His greatest ambition is to become president of Crapotopia, but for now is satisfied to be their poster boy.

His professional motto? Ignorant and Proud!

His personal motto? Hate Hate and more Hate!

Where does he get his ideas? That place where the sun don't shine.

His academic affiliation? Clown college (they must be very proud!)

Where did he get his degree? Clown Junior College.

His best friends? The voices in his head.

His favorite book? The one he hasn't finished coloring yet.

His number 1 inspiration for his blog? An inferiority complex.

His personal hero? King Commode.

His favorite song? "With an oink oink here and an oink oink there, here an oink there an oink, everywhere an oink oink..."

His dying wish? To be buried face down and bent over, so his friends will recognize him.

His number 1 source book: The Bible. Genesis. Yes, you just go to love this guy. He embraces religious viewpoints right out of the Bible and claims to be an atheist (wink wink). He is a creation scientist in drag.

P. Z. Myers and his evil twin, Ms. Piggy, relaxing by a children's playground.

There have always been grunting imbeciles motivated by fear, ignorance, and hate, who have sought to prevent the advancement of science by claiming to protect science when in fact they are enemies of science.
There are those cretins who tortured and burned Giordano Bruno to death for saying there were planets which circled other stars; raving lunatics who threatened to kill Galileo for saying the Sun and not the Earth was at the center of the solar system. These frothing at the mouth crazies have been called: "The torches and pitchforks crowd who come hooting and grunting in fear seeking to destroy what frightens them and what they don't understand."
Of course, we could never imagine P. Z. Myers leading a mob of crazies seeking to burn Bruno or kill Galileo--though we do understand he has a wonderful collection of torches and pitchforks.

But what are we too make of the fact that the man is a tub-of-lard? Is it possible Pig Z Myers eats like a grunting hog to cover up his insecurity, ignorance, and inferiority complex with layers and layers of fat? "Fat not facts", is this really his motto? Is that why this chunky piggy slanders legitimate scientists who make him feel inferior? Well, so what? He's got serious problems so just lay off OK? Pig Z Myers needs those layers of lard to protect him -- poor little lard belly is sensitive and is likely to begin hooting and grunting in fear, so be careful. He frightens easily. So Stop it, before he goes "oink oink oink" all the way home and gets out his torches and pitchforks. Have pity on this pathetic lard ass. Give the man a cheeseburger and a pizza and shut up.

P. Z. having a snack

But see, there's another reason fat boy eats like a grunting hog-- after he digests all that food, the result is the inspiration for his blog.

But seriously, ignorant people with inferiority complexes need a lying, slandering, hate mongering anti-science ignoramus with snakes in his head, and the IQ of a frog, to lead them to shitopia and P. Z. Myers is their guy.

Sieg Heil Piggy Myers! We salute you!

P. Z. Myers consulting with himself.

This tribute to P. Z. Myers is satire.

Copyright 2009, 2010, 2011 All Rights Reserved

Charming, hey? I think Rhawn Joseph has been taking lessons in logical argument from Conservapædia.

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