See? Sometimes cute things can cheer me up.


Oooh, and I wanna give you all the souls you want, you adorable little slime-beast.

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That's the title of an academic science book. It sure sounds sciencey, doesn't it? It got accepted by Springer-Verlag for publication. And then inside it claims that one of their conclusions is that "conventional chemical and evolutionary mechanisms seem insufficient to fully explain the labyrinth…
Look at this: no originality at all. The wanna-bes and poseurs all have to dress up in their idol's fashions, even if it is cross-phylum dressing. (via NatGeo) (Also on FtB)
They are utterly adorable, and I feel the stirrings of the maternal impulse deep in my mantle. The way their little bodies bob as they swim…awww, for cute. (via Deep Sea News) (Also on FtB)