See? Sometimes cute things can cheer me up.


Oooh, and I wanna give you all the souls you want, you adorable little slime-beast.

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They are utterly adorable, and I feel the stirrings of the maternal impulse deep in my mantle. The way their little bodies bob as they swim…awww, for cute. (via Deep Sea News) (Also on FtB)
The gang at Skepticon are running a poll to design the World's Most Innocuous Atheist Billboard, and they've settled on the message — "Baby Animals Are Cute" — and they've got some choices for you to pick from. I thought I'd help and offer my own suggestion: See? Far superior to the kittens and…
I have been trying to understand the peculiar popularity of these posts about sharp-clawed carnivores called "cats", and near as I can tell it has something to do with the property of cuteness. "Cute" seems mostly undefinable, however, but usually seems to involve playful juvenile behavior by large…
It's no contest. The sea pig has everything a mere cat lacks: it's cute and adorable, it's pink, and it's got tentacles. Once you've gone holothurian, you'll never go…uh, I'm sure the local poet will be along to provide a catchy rhyme. (Also on FtB)