Am I on a slippery slope?

Inspired by Skepticon, several of the speakers at that event have been redrawn as ponies.


Is the next step…furries?

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The gang at Skepticon are running a poll to design the World's Most Innocuous Atheist Billboard, and they've settled on the message — "Baby Animals Are Cute" — and they've got some choices for you to pick from. I thought I'd help and offer my own suggestion: See? Far superior to the kittens and…
Yeah, I gave a talk at Skepticon like several other rascals here at Freethoughtblogs. Now, even if you didn't make the pilgrimage to Springfield, Missouri, you can watch it too. It's a straight science talk with several swipes at creationism, so unfortunately, I don't think it will make any ice…
Next step: lasers mounted on squid mantles. You puny humans are so screwed. (Also on FtB)