The Midwest Science of Origins Conference!

It's on! Students here at UMM got together and have organized their very own Midwest Science of Origins Conference, to be held in Morris on 30 March-1 April. As the big name speaker, they've got Neil Shubin to tell us all about Tiktaalik, and some other regional folk to talk about physics, biology, anthropology, and philosophy…and also Chris Stedmaaaaaan (you can tell right away that this isn't a case of me dictating to them what to do — this is entirely student-organized and run). Come on out and learn!

What, you say, you can't come all the way out to itty-bitty Morris on the edge of nowhere? Then send your money, instead. The conference is free, but they are looking for donations to cover costs.

For every hundred dollars donated, I promise to growl angrily at Stedman. See? That's how he can contribute to freethought!

(Also on FtB)

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