Maybe he's unhappy that a traveling exhibit is more informative than his whole "museum"

The Smithsonian has a traveling exhibit based on the David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins. It's going to be put up at libraries all across the country (but nowhere in Minnesota!), so lots of people will get a look at some of the evidence for human evolution. Can you guess who is not happy about this? Of course you can. Ken Ham has declared it a propaganda campaign for atheism.

This is nothing but a propaganda campaign attempting to indoctrinate people to believe they are nothing but animals evolved from ape-like ancestors! To the Smithsonian, that’s what it means to be human! And what they are doing in reality is trying to impose their religion of naturalism (atheism) on the culture. Interestingly, in complementing community events, they also plan to have some people (who come from liberal backgrounds) supposedly representing the religious community. Of course, the entire exhibit is religious—it is promoting the religion of atheism using evolutionary beliefs. And for this exhibit, there are special invitations for clergy to try to influence them!

I have my complaints about that exhibit -- I saw it a few years ago. None of those complaints involve it's excessively atheistic nature, obviously -- if anything, it panders way too much to religion, and as you can see from Ham's own words, they are specifically including religious perspectives…just not the kind of bugshitting brainless perspectives Ham's dogmatism espouses. As I recall, there isn't any explicit recognition of atheism anywhere in the Smithsonian exhibit, but there's plenty of video of religious scientists making excuses for faith.

To Ken Ham, apparently every other religion in the world is atheistic, except for his peculiar and very limited views.

There's another hilarious, irrational aside.

Note how the exhibit starts with "What Does It Mean to Be Human? Travel back 6 million years to discover how our ancestors struggled to survive dramatic climate changes and, in the process, evolved the traits that make us human.” Right at the beginning of the exhibit there is a message about climate change. By the way, if man evolved because of climate change, then why are the secularists up in arms about climate change?

You know, this was one of the liberal/secular/atheist complaints about the Koch Hall, way back when it first opened. It portrays climate change as a good thing because changes in the environment drove human evolution, which is mostly true. But evolution is not a good thing when it's happening to your population -- we don't say malaria is a benefit to humanity because it's driving genetic changes in human populations. Selection is not a gentle, loving phenomenon, and we at least are aware of that.

But I can tell this exhibit is pushing all of poor Mr Ham's buttons. It acknowledges the reality of an old Earth, the reality of climate change, and the reality of evolution? How dare they slap him in the face with facts like that!

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