Art and Visual Representation at ScienceOnline2010


Last year we had a session on Art And Science and a workshop How To Paint Your Own Blog Pictures. At this year's conference we have more sessions that explore the visual aspects of science. Click on links to see what discussions have already started on these pages and add your questions and thoughts:

Paint your blog images using a digital tablet led by Glendon Mellow

Description: Get a chance to test out a digital tablet, and see why it's like having an entire art supply store on your computer. Beginning with tutorials on Glendon's blog before the conference, we'll try using Gimp, ArtRage & Photoshop in conjunction with a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet to heighten the impact of an image using this easy and versatile input device.

Scientific visualization - Tara Richerson (science_goddess)

Description: A picture is not only worth a thousand words---it is also worth a thousand numbers. This session will focus on ways to move from raw quantitative and qualitative data to a variety of visuals that communicate with all audiences.

Art and Science: Visual Metaphors - Glendon Mellow and Felice Frankel

Description: How has our vocabulary of metaphors changed in the wake of scientific inquiry and visualization? This year, let's take a trip through metaphors in science-based art and discuss how visual representations can enhance understanding, inspire wonder in science and the tension along the Accuracy-Artistic Divide.

Connections with mathematics and programming through modeling- Maria Droujkova and Blake Stacey

Description: Computer models and simulations can make abstract mathematics concrete and explore idealizations we make of the real world. We'll discuss how to use widely-available software to visualize mathematics, and how students can do what professional scientists do, like using computers to get numerical solutions when analytic tools are unavailable.

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