Life Science and Physical Science Weekly Channel Highlights

In this post: the large versions of the Life Science and Physical Science channel photos, comments from readers, and the best posts of the week.


Life Science. From Flickr, by jurvetson


Physical Science. Bubbles falling from a canopy of leaves. From Flickr, by jurvetson

Reader comments of the week:

On the Life Science channel, Tetrapod Zoology follows up its Sea Monster week with a teaser: The tree-climbing dinosaurs are coming. The post features the following alluring sketch to tantalize readers:


Reader Zach Miller is skeptical:

Tree-climbing dinosaurs? That's un-possible! Everyone knows that the only tree-climber was Hypsilophodon, and it climbed trees out of pure boredom.

Guess he'll have to tune in.

In Sulfur Dioxide (Alternative, more toxic refrigerants), Molecule of the Day introduces an old refrigerant which has since been abandoned for less toxic options. In its day, however, sulfur dioxide was valued for its high heat absorption and ability to dissolve oil.

Reader Brad brought up another bypassed refrigerant:

One of the first industrial refrigerants was actually ammonia, mostly in ice production. It has obvious toxicity concerns and is not very efficient, but some of its salts also have a nice proclivity for detonation.

And reader KMSL hinted at another of its most notable features:

Ammonia either still is or was recently in use in gas-powered refrigerators... just don't try to drill a hole in the tank to let it out like my one-time boss did...

Why, what will that do?

Some other Life Science posts we thought were cool this week were:

Singing fish reveal shared origin of vertebrate vocals

Arachnophilia!: ECU biologist gives nod to Stephen Colbert

Giant Vertebra Found in Swedish Lake

Joined at the Hip: These Siamese Twins are BIRDS!

Giant Freshwater Stingray Caught in Thailand

And from the Physical Science channel:

To Infinity, And Beyond!


The Amazing True-Life Adventures of A Peeponaut

Periodic Table of Videos

Water on Mars

Look for highlights from other channels coming up!


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