A Fresh Haul of Sea Life Posts

i-38e4a19754cad3396fa09a393ed081fd-bigtilapia.jpgWorld Water Day may have come and gone, but ScienceBloggers re still searching the depths of the oceans and the rivers of tropical islands for great new research. Today, Nick Anthis of The Scientific Activist points to the discovery of the first truly anaerobic animal. These microscopic creatures don't need oxygen to make their home at bottom of the Mediterranean, so you'd be forgiven for thinking they're from another planet. For aquatic life in more familiar territory, Christine Wilcox of Observations of a Nerd follows up on a post she made in January about how farming Tilapia in Fiji puts pressure on native species. Now we get another side of the story from a Fijian environmental minister, which only goes to show that balancing issues of conservation, aquaculture, and local needs is no simple task.

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