From The Olde Dayes: 2001, Lammas Land:


And Daniel, also in Lammas Land:


Not a reflection, but from the same times:


And not from those times, but a reflection:


From February 2002, one I like because its near home:



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This week, many things have been happening up north. The most important being ... from the NY Times, Canadian Court Limits Detention in Terror Cases : Canada's highest court on Friday unanimously struck down a law that allows the Canadian government to detain foreign-born terrorism suspects…
The grandly named EnviroTruth web site has section that purports to debunk "myths" about climate change. The "myths" include the usual false claims such as satellite measurements don't show warming, but "myth" number 11 is pretty funny. Here's "myth" 11: Those Who Question Whether Human…
Among the many obligations keeping me away from the blog is the nearly-completed overhaul of my web site, Along with information on my books and talks, the site also has an archive of the past few years of my articles. I've made my way back to 2001, and I am continuing to push back…
I finally decided to write this after reading Oregon County Decides to Go Native by DA. My thesis is: we're too confident of our ability to survive changes, and are too inclined to make risky changes, or fail to invest is safety. This might surprise some of you who misread Economics and Climatology…