From The Olde Dayes: 2001, Lammas Land:


And Daniel, also in Lammas Land:


Not a reflection, but from the same times:


And not from those times, but a reflection:


From February 2002, one I like because its near home:



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I'm not quite sure what it is. It is something like a houseleek - click on the tiny pic of its base for a bigger view, or here for a fuller view. I bought it in a village sale a few years back and it has sat outside come sun, rain and drought. This is the first year it has flowered. It reminds…
and yet more photo spam: Last week it was cold. It was warmer at the weekend. But this week it is cold again. Though as RC points out, its not going to be the coldest winter for a millenium. We went rowing tonight. Oddly enough we were the only crew out. We had to stop past the Elizabeth way…
Scenes from a ski-ing holiday to Les Deux alpes a few years back. This is La Roche de la Muzelle, which I think is gorgeous. Maybe I'll get to climb it one day. Summitpost says it is PD / II (though not in winter) and the route to it goes over that beautiful roman bridge. These are the reasons…
Going through the photo backlog. From Jenny's village. Leaves on the patio in D's sandpit. Winter river. Christ Church meadow. Rose. Bridge of Sighs. Bridge, Cheddington.