Friday Poem (0516)


Ox Transcended

Whip, rope, self, ox - no traces left.
Thoughts cannot penetrate the vast blue sky,
Snowflakes cannot survive a red-hot stove.
Arriving here, meet the ancient teachers.

K’uo-an (trans. Stanley Lombardo)

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Taming the Ox Don’t lose the whip, hold onto the rope Or he’ll buck away into the dirt. Herded well, in perfect harmony He’ll follow along without any constraint. K’uo-an (trans. Stanley Lombardo) [image source]
Finding the Tracks Along the river, under trees - jumbled tracks! Thick fragrant woods, is this the way? Though the ox wanders far in the hills, His nose touches the sky. He cannot hide. K’uo-an (trans. Stanley Lombardo) [image source]
Looking for the Ox Searching through tall endless grass,Rivers, mountain ranges, the path trails off.Weary, exhausted, no place left to hunt:Maples rustle, evening, the cicada’s song. K’uo-an (trans. Stanley Lombardo) [image source]
Catching the Ox Last desperate effort, got him! Hard to control, powerful and wild, The ox sprints up a hill and at the top. Disappears into the misty clouds. K’uo-an (trans. Stanley Lombardo) [image source]