Blue Whales

I stumbled across this link on the internets. Go to it. It shows how big a blue whale is life-size. It's almost unfathomable to imagine how large these creatures really are in person. The size of the eye alone is staggering, and scrolling around the whale's body just gave me an incredible sense of awe. They truly are magnificent animals. Then hit the X on the left to exit the image. A though provoking message pops up:Think before you close this window. This might be the last life size whale you will ever see. WDCS international, you got my attention. Did they get yours? (HT Oceanic Dreams)
Now this is one big baby! It's the youngest blue whale ever filmed. You know you want to check out the upcoming special this weekend! Kingdom of the Blue Whale this Sunday, March 8, at 8 p.m. ET/PT
Heart the size of a Mini Cooper.Mouth big enough to hold 100 people.Longer than a basketball court.Weighing as much as 25 large elephants.It is the largest creature ever to inhabit the earth.But we know precious little about it.That's right, folks! Yours truly (and a few other awesome bloggers) have been given the opportunity to screen National Geographic Channelâs new TV program “Kingdom of the Blue Whale,” which premieres Sunday, March 8, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, thanks to a very kind and wonderful Digital Consultant, Minjae Ormes. Instead of posting repetitive reviews, Daniel Brown at…