Sometimes art doesn't need to be complicated. Shawn Knol's simple videos of oil in water capture fascinating patterns reminiscent of dividing cells, budding spores or lava lamps, depending on your mood. His newest, Psycho Bubble (above), was just released a few days ago. "A lot of people are asking how I did this. It's pretty simple. I just put the camera on its lowest jpeg setting, placed the camera into continuous mode, and locked the shutter down with my wired remote. The oil is being dumped into a tall cylindrical glass, with about a cup of water in it. The whole thing is lit from…
Do restaurants and fishmongers frequently mislabel their fish so you think you are eating delicious thermal vent tube worm when you are really just eating pollock? Why do shore birds run in fright from small lapping waves? How does Kevin Z manage to trick us into reading his "writing?" Learn more about these and other fishy tales from our credentialed but unemployable brethren over at Deep Sea News hosting Carnival of the Blue 18.
Some incredible early morning shots of wet insects by German photographer Martin Amm. Red veined darter Horsefly more below the fold Emerald damselfly Breakfast Check out more of his work here