Check out the world's fastest animal (relative to its size): This research was featured at this year's Experimental Biology conference!
  In honor of the Olympic games, Scientific American has put together a slide show of the fastest animals in the world, like the peregrine falcon shown in the picture above that has been recorded diving at speeds of 115 mph! The slide show is definitely a must-see! To check out the show, click here.  
Many animals use impressive displays to seduce a mate, but few go as far as the male Anna's hummingbird. He performs a death-defying courtship dive, plummeting to the ground at speeds and accelerations that put jet fighters to shame. The tiny 7cm bird reaches a top speed of 60mph and at the fastest point of the dive, it covers 385 times its own body length every second. For its size, it's the fastest aerial manoeuvre performed by any bird. In contrast, the famous attack dive of the peregrine falcon, while much faster in absolute terms, only covers 200 body lengths per second. The…