Gregg Easterbrook

Andrew Gelman on The most clueless political column ever--I think this Easterbrook dude has the journalistic equivalent of "tenure": P.P.P.P.S. When I attack someone too hard in a blog post, commenters often have the natural reaction to defend the poor guy. So for strategic reasons I probably should've been super-polite to Easterbrook here and then let the commenters rip him to shreds. But I just don't have the patience right now. This guy's column is just so abysmally bad, it has nothing to offer. Seems like Easterbrook has that effect on everybody.
Gregg Easterbrook is no longer an expert at Brookings. Via The Editors who has found yet another subject area that Easterbrook gets wrong: Most importantly, this proves conclusively my theory that what we think of as "the Universe" is really just a rather over-broad comic novel called "Jackass of All Trades", wherein hilariously inept polymath Gregg Easterbrook - "the DiVinci of incompetence" - rises to the heights of the journalistic and public policy professions, only to be stopped by a deadly asteroid.