John Perlin has written an interesting Miller-McCune article about how the Pentagon has come to understand some of the problems associated with powering Iraq and Afghanistan operations - and how they're now reducing operations' energy consumption and embracing solar power. Perlin describes the experience of Lt. Gen. Richard Zilmer, who assumed command of the coalition forces in Iraq's Al Anbar province in 2006 and soon realized that his command's reliance on trucking in liquid fossil fossil fules was contributing to casualties. In today's conflicts, Marine combat brigade uses half a million…
Eight years ago today, a group of religion wingnuts flew American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon at 09:37, killing 125 people, only 55 of which were military personnel.
tags: Obama, billion dollar war machine, ONN, Onion News Network, satire, humor, funny, streaming video This is a streaming video reveals that Obama Axed the Pentagon's Plan To Build Billion Dollar Tank In the Shape Of a Dragon [2:05]