Phd Comics

Something to help Friday morning pass a little quicker... "Piled Higher and Deeper" by Jorge Apologies for the small size - click here for the full sized version.  Hat tip to fellow uOttawa grad student Jonathan Gravel for sending me link. Travis
Click to enlarge THIS cartoon by Dwayne Godwin, a professor of neurobiology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and Jorge Cham, the former researcher and cartoonist who created PhD Comics, has won first place in the informational graphics category of the 2009 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge.  The New York Times has a slide show of the winning entries, and today's issue of Science contains a special feature about the competition. To see the full size infographic, click on the image above, or visit Godwin's public engagement page, where it, and others in…
Jorge Cham has just posted his latest PhD Comic, this one taking on the rivalry between Nature and Science. Look behind the scenes at how the science publishing industry REALLY works. It's enough to make you want to publish only in PLoS ONE!