Friday Blog Roundup

Bloggers are thinking about food:


David Roberts at Gristmill remembers environmental advocate Philip Clapp, who combined a deep commitment to the environment with political savvy and a sense of humor.

Elaine at Enviroblog reports on a startling moment during a House subcommittee hearing on White House intervention in chemical reviews.

Alicia Mundy at WSJâs Health Blog gives us the latest on the battle over preemption of pharmaceutical lawsuits: House Oversight Committee chair Henry Waxman demands answers from the FDA.

Jaan Sidorov at Disease Management Care Blog rounds up reactions to the candidatesâ healthcare proposals and related matters in the latest Health Wonk Review.

R. Craig Lefebvre at On Social Marketing and Social Change looks at the latest in PEPFAR evaluation.

Rick Weiss at Science Progress contrasts the FDAâs slow response to nanoparticle safety issues with the fast pace of new nano products entering the market.

Janet Stemwedel at Adventures in Ethics and Science dissects a tobacco-industry example to show how industry âscienceâ gets a bad name.


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