Science Blogger Blogcast Showdown

We initially planned on doing these group blogcasts roughly once per month, but then, well, Pepsigate happened and blogs were moved, people were distracted, and so on. But the dust is finally starting to settle, so it was time for another. I should point out how awesome it is that this group blogcast spans three blog networks - Scienceblogs, Scientopia, and PLoS blogs - and is an example of the kind of collaboration the bloggers on the different networks can achieve!

We had initially decided to talk about field work, but there are, as expected, plenty of tangents: the work that we are currently doing in our labs, (surprise!) our thoughts on recent developments in the science blogosphere, and other shenanigans. We also instituted a two-drink minimum for this recording session, which possibly explains the somewhat random course of our conversation; my beverages were courtesy of Genomic Repairman.

If you'd like to download the MP3 directly, you can grab it here.

And here are links to all the other bloggers' blogs and twitters:
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