Confessions of an Alien Hunter --Dr. Seth Shostak

i-d95c765fbc52e278c3f01e831503e65b-Seth_Shostak.jpg What is out there? Is there life on other planets? People have pondered these questions for centuries as they have looked up into the night sky and wondered what might lie beyond. Pop culture is littered with these reflections in film, book and TV. After watching Steven Spielberg's E.T. as a kid, I was fascinated by the idea that an extraterrestrial life might like Reese Pieces and secretly hoped I could turn a Speak and Spell into some kind of communicator device, just like how E.T. 'phoned home'.

The question, "Does other intelligent life exist beyond our planet?" is something that Nifty Fifty speaker, astronomer, and author Dr. Seth Shostak has pondered and researched at the SETI Institute. Read more about his bio here and learn more about his research below.

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