Show the world why science is cool!


Are your students inspired about science, engineering, and cool classroom technology? Can they show and tell the world why?

If so, encourage them to enter the USA Science & Engineering Festival Kavli Science Video Contest and they could win a trip to Washington, D.C. for the Festival Expo! Other cool prizes include electronics gift certificates or tickets for a VIP event to meet the Mythbusters!

To enter, students create a short video that explores the question: "Why is Science Cool?" Videos might explore a scientific concept; show the wonders of nature; give a glimpse into the future; show what scientific discovery has done for us in the past or will do for us in the future; introduce us to a great engineer or scientist; tell why science is so cool; or simply show why others should care about science, technology, and engineering.

Sponsored by The Kavli Foundation and conducted in partnership with SciVee, the contest closes on July 15, 2010. Prize money goes to the school or organization the student is representing.

This is a great opportunity to nationally showcase your students' accomplishments in innovative science, engineering, and education technology projects. This video activity also offers an excellent component to a K-12 science project summary.

Submission Deadline is July 15. Visit the USA Science Festival website for details.

Show your students why science is cool

Several outstanding teachers have used their ActivClassroom to show students why science is cool. Check out these Teacher Features!

* Leslie Bailiff: Inherited and Acquired Traits
* Michelle Lyon: AP Biology Review
* Heather Hamker: Dinosaurs
* Jeanne Wright: Bees
* Brian Crosby: Distance in Relation to Space
* Judy Christopher: Butterflies and Frogs
* Allison Berry: Food Chains
* Gautam Saha: Electricity and Current

~~Written by Stacy Jannis, K-12 outreach coordinator for the USA Science & Engineering Festival, for Promethean Planet

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