What Makes a Good Expo Exhibit?

Mark it on your calendars! Spring 2012 the USA Science and Engineering Festival will be taking over Washington DC once again! The 2010 Festival was wildly successful and we want to repeat that in 2012, but we can only do that with your help.

We need input from those that came to the festival as well as those that exhibited at the 2010 USA Science & Engineering Festival: What Makes a Good Expo Exhibit??

A picture or video is worth a thousand words! Post them on our facebook fan page (and become a fan) or contact us and send us your pictures or videos.

I think the #1 thing that worked the best was the hands on nature of the exhibits. But here is your turn to tell US what worked, what didn't work, how can we give good advice to the next generation of Exhibitors at the Expo.

Was it...walking on a little cornstarch?

(tweet video from @erincmccarthy)

Sprokit the Robit Dancing?

(tweet video from @erincmccarthy)

Those Science Cheerleaders?
i-a5332e969452e9f87f6fc3e1407e568f-Science Cheer 2010.jpg

Hair Raising Fun?
i-1cf948fd4afd94ea0bbe3fefcd98f18d-hair raising 2010 expo.jpg

Or just plain old fun?

i-11ad764975c6c008db92c44fa32c9fb4-girl at 2010 expo.jpg

So...now is your chance to tell us: What makes a GREAT Expo Exhibit?? Your thoughts will be complied into our "What makes a Good Exhibit" document for 2012 exhibitors.

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