The Nifty Fifty Return -Bigger and More Exciting;

They're back! Yes, the Nifty Fifty - that high-profile group of researchers and professionals in science and engineering who wowed students during last year's Festival with their inspirational school visits and talks --are returning for the 2012 Science & Engineering Festival.

But this time we're doubling the number of participating Nifty Fifty speakers to 100 so that more classrooms can experience these renowned experts. To make this happen, we are asking Festival Partners to nominate at least one of their scientists, engineers or related professionals to be considered for this elite cadre of professionals.

The Nifty Fifty are comprised of individuals who have made a major impact on the field of science and engineering either through research, or through other fields such as law, business, government and public service.

This noted group fans out to middle and high schools across the DC metro region to communicate about their work and careers through stimulating talks and demonstrations -- adding excitement and momentum to the Festival in the weeks leading up to the event's massive Expo at the National Mall in Washington, DC.

We are especially looking for nominees who are passionate about what they do - and have the proven experience and desire to communicate that passion to young students in engaging and interactive ways.

Send us your nominations today!

Here's a "sneak peek" at just some of the exciting NF that have been selected thus far:

David Gallo, Ph.D. --- Find out what life like deep below the ocean as this renowned oceanographer (who co-led the Titanic exploration) reveals the wonders of his fascinating undersea journeys.

Heather Knight - Delve into the futuristic world of social robotics with this innovative graduate student from Carnegie Mellon who is developing robots that perform stand -up comedy, home companionship and other social interaction!

Charles Vest, Ph.D. - Learn from this former president of MIT where the field of engineering is going and how young students can best prepare (based on a personal philosophy he's followed throughout his career).

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