Robotic Creations That Are Changing Our World

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She has developed some of the world's most famous robots - humanoid
creatures like "Kismet" (a robotic head that has been widely featured in
international media) and "Nexi," a mobile dexterous social robot that learns from
and interacts with people in an intelligent, life-like and sociable manner.

But Cynthia Breazeal, associate professor of Media Arts and Sciences at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she founded and directs the
Personal Robots Group at the Media Lab, says she has much more ground to
cover in the growing field of social robotics.

"My research explores expressive social exchange between humans and
humanoid robots," says Cynthia whose robot Nexi was named one of the 50
Best Innovations of 2008 by TIME magazine. "And I'm particularly interested
in developing creature-like technologies that exhibit social common-sense and
engage people in familiar, human terms - a challenge that I really enjoy."

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