I'm back baby!

I disappeared for a while to teach a class. At the outset I had grand plans - Not only would I design the course from scratch, give the lectures, and grade the assignments, I would also write up all of the lectures for the blog and maintain my same level pf productivity in the lab. Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that in order to accomplish this goal I would either need to give up sleeping or find one of those time-warp thingies from the 3rd Harry Potter book.

Neither of those options seemed reasonable, and so this blog, and indeed my productivity in lab suffered quite a bit.

Data representative of a single experiment

The good news is that the experience was absolutely amazing. It was a ton of work, and just about everything else in my life was put on hold for the last couple of months, but it's reaffirmed my life path. I've always known that I wanted teaching to be a part of my career, but it's now clear to me that it's what I want to do with my life, full stop.

The other good news is that it's over now - I submitted grades on Friday (most of the students did quite well) and I can now get back to the business of being a graduate student. That is, slaving away at the bench instead of in front of my computer. Also, I'm going to feel like I have a lot more free time, and I've got a ton of material to post here related to the class (be patient Murray!). And the void left by not teaching any more in the classroom will be filled by posting here... I hope!

I hope everyone has a Happy Solstice, I'll see you on the other side!


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