Friday Link Dump


- There's a new flu strain running around in China. As is often the case, Maryn McKenna over at Wired has the most important piece to read.

- Allie Wilkinson's piece in Ars Technica about a climate change's irreversibility, but not inevitability... it's a weird distinction, but it makes sense.

- Another good post from Keith Kloor on GMOs, but I'm not a fan of equating Monsanto with GMOs. One is a company, the other is a technology. Just because the technology is used by the company, that does not imply that the two are related.

Not Science

- The most important video I've seen in a while. Normally, I dislike TED - but this is important. Lawrence Lessig on money and politics

- Google bought up Nik Software (tools for editing photographs), and recently released them all for cheap. I've been using them for less than 24 hours and I am in love... absolutely amazing. You can try them for 14 days for free. Only downside is you can't use them for non-destructive editing, but still.


Haven't been listening to much music lately, but this song is amazing:

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It’s challenging to name a more influential food writer than The New York Times‘ Mark Bittman—nor one less informed and more damaging to the public weal on the issue of genetically modified crops and foods. Simply said, he is a scourge on science. Those are strong words, and not written lightly.…
Having done some surface investigations with non-destructive methods, a group of volunteer investigators including Patti Hearst's Sharon Tate's sister calls for the excavation of the Manson Family's last hideout."Vass said that, considering the quantity and the types of markers of human…
How can environmental groups and media outlets maintain that they are advocates of science, and not ideology, when they engage in the anti-science Luddism of GMO fearmongering? The potential of this anti-science behavior to poison their credibility on global climate change is real, as there is an…
Scientists are using T-Ray technology in a new way-to help uncover murals that have been hidden under layers of plaster or paint in old buildings. T-Rays (which are pulses of terahertz radiation that were previously used in space shuttle devices) have now been applied to this new technology by a…