Flow, Beauty and Mystery (and two new haikus)

Today’s new articles involve flow: the flow of positrons through the Universe and the flow of particles around the tiny cilia of corals. They involve beauty and mystery, as well. The particle flow, imaged in brilliant colors, won first place in the photography category of the 2013 Science/National Science Foundation International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge.

And positrons – the anti-matter opposites of electrons – have been found in large numbers flowing in near-Earth space. Weizmann Institute research points to an answer to one riddle: Why did a satellite monitoring these positrons find so many of them? But the central mystery of their existence – where do they come from – remains open.

In the spirit of flow, beauty and mystery, here are two new haikus. Follow the links to learn more.


CoralFlows_thumb Image: Shapiro, Fernandez, Stocker and Vardi

Winding into waves

Invisible coral flows

Tiny living tides



Born of a far cosmic crash

What news do you bring?





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