Garfield Minus Garfield

When Garfield is digitally erased from his eponymous comic strip, Jon’s life is somehow elevated to a minimalist tale of pathos, surrealism and irony – as this new blog proves:




I think buying a monkey is a cure for boredom that most people don’t explore seriously enough. Especially if it’s a flying monkey.

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  1. #1 John McKay
    February 29, 2008

    The paper sack strip shows a level of existential genius that Jim Davis can only dream about.

  2. #2 bioephemera
    March 1, 2008

    I know! It must be true that authorial intent really *is* unnecessary to the creation of great works, at least in the genre of “comic strips with digitally deleted protagonists.”

  3. #3 anomalous4real
    March 1, 2008


  4. #4 mdvlist
    March 1, 2008

    Over Christmas, my brother introduced me to the Garfield randomizer. It mixes up panels from various strips on the assumption that all Garfield comics are basically the same, and that they might even be funny with a bit of a scramble.

  5. #5 Sam Heads
    March 2, 2008

    Dear Jessica,

    I was recently nominated for the Excellent Blog Award. As part of the award, I have to nominate ten other blogs and decided that Bioephemera was definitely worthy of Excellent Blog status.

    All the best,


  6. #6 rhett
    March 2, 2008

    I discovered this site about a week ago. My favorite strip is the “there’s something wrong with my pants” one.

  7. #7 Laura
    March 17, 2008

    I like this way better than the original Garfield comics! It has a Zen zaniness to it. They ought to take Garfield out of ALL the strips and republish them – i sense a goldmine!

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