Adventures in Ethics and Science

When academics IM …

Page 3.14 shares the transcript. Go read what we said when Ben Cohen and I shot the cyberbreeze about Karl Popper and the allure he holds for scientists.

I can’t promise it will leave you ROTFLYAO, but it might make you 🙂



  1. #1 SteveG
    December 8, 2006

    You IM with Ben Cohen? Please ask him to bring back Wavy Gravy…

  2. #2 amy
    December 10, 2006

    also posted on the Seed page:

    hey guys, could you post the date of the conversation and make it more accurately citable? (Well, you did post it, you know.)

    Also, did you/Janet/Ben clean this up before posting? And — Janet/Ben — did you have the conversation all in one go? It’s interesting; it’s the least IMlike IM session I’ve ever seen.

    thanks –


  3. #3 Janet D. Stemwedel
    December 10, 2006

    Ben and I chatted on October 25, 2006, from 12 noon – 1 pm Eastern time.

    What was posted was the entire chat except for the hellos and goodbyes. We cleaned up spelling and punctuation, and made some logic-driven choices about transcript order in the instances where we were both typing furiously at the same time.

    There were no emoticons used in the chat at all. I take that as evidence that the both of us must be kind of old for IM.

  4. #4 BRC
    December 10, 2006

    i’ll do my best steve, but now that unilever’s got us, it may be hard. (insert facetious font converter here) ben

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