When academics IM ...

... Page 3.14 shares the transcript. Go read what we said when Ben Cohen and I shot the cyberbreeze about Karl Popper and the allure he holds for scientists.

I can't promise it will leave you ROTFLYAO, but it might make you :-)


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also posted on the Seed page:

hey guys, could you post the date of the conversation and make it more accurately citable? (Well, you did post it, you know.)

Also, did you/Janet/Ben clean this up before posting? And -- Janet/Ben -- did you have the conversation all in one go? It's interesting; it's the least IMlike IM session I've ever seen.

thanks -


Ben and I chatted on October 25, 2006, from 12 noon - 1 pm Eastern time.

What was posted was the entire chat except for the hellos and goodbyes. We cleaned up spelling and punctuation, and made some logic-driven choices about transcript order in the instances where we were both typing furiously at the same time.

There were no emoticons used in the chat at all. I take that as evidence that the both of us must be kind of old for IM.

i'll do my best steve, but now that unilever's got us, it may be hard. (insert facetious font converter here) ben