Evolving Thoughts

The pi meme

So, Janet posed the meme (or something with the same name) to enable us newbies to introduce ourselves. And because I’m a follower, not a leader, I have to offer up my predilections to you all.

3 reasons you blog about science:

1. Because it’s interesting, dammit!

2. Because science is the single most effective way the human race has come up with to gain knowledge, and I want to talk about it, as I can’t do it.

3. To avoid real work.

Point at which you would stop blogging:

When it interrupts real work too much. So far it only interrupts sleep and family life.

1 thing you frequently blog besides science:

Philosophy of science, politics, creationism, and chocolate. Not so much of the chocolate lately, as I’m trying to lose weight.

4 words that describe your blogging style:

Irreverant, irrelevant, irruptive and irrepressible,

1 aspect of blogging you find difficult:

Understanding the science. It’s hard.

5 ScienceBlogs blogs that are new to you:

Discovering Biology in a Digital World

Dr. Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge

The Examining Room of Dr. Charles

The Island of Doubt

Retrospectacle: A Neuroscience Blog

9 blogs you read outside the ScienceBlogs universe:

The Panda’s Thumb

Bartholomew Cubbins on RNA

Frink Tank


Jim Lippard’s blog

Daily Kos

John Hawke’s Anthropology blog

The Leiter Reports

Certain Doubts

Tetrapod Zoology

That’s it. I don’t read many other blogs

2 important features of your blogging environment:

My 12″ Mac Powerbook G4

Also coffee

6 items you would bring to a meet-up with the other ScienceBloggers:

An autograph book and copies of anyone’s books

My AMNH Darwin t-shirt

A cheesy grin

Wacked out sense of humour

A camera to prove to my wife I wasn’t just boasting


5 conversations you would have before the end of that meet-up:

With Janet a discussion about how someone who knows science does philosophy of science (in contrast to me)

With Paul M..s, how to spell his name, and an education in developmental biology for beer.

With John Lynch, a discussion about football.

With Carl Zimmer, a discussion about esoteric biology.

With everone, a discussion on how I am wrong about some matter or other…