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I don’t do this very often, but this picture of Pope Benedict XVI struck me as amusing:


One suggested caption is here.

Not bad, but surely my readers can do better than that. Add your own caption!


  1. #1 VRandell
    October 13, 2007

    …but where do the nails go?

  2. #2 Richard Carter, FCD
    October 13, 2007

    Pope finally endorses condoms.

  3. #3 Matt
    October 13, 2007

    The best part of this picture isn’t the pope, it’s the look on the bodyguards face in the foreground.

  4. #4 Joe
    October 13, 2007

    This goes with the “Buddy Jesus” in Kevin Smith’s movie Dogma

  5. #5 Moopheus
    October 13, 2007

    Now watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!

  6. #6 THobbes
    October 13, 2007

    It’s a giraffe! No, really!

  7. #7 John Pieret
    October 13, 2007

    I don’t give a damn how important the College of Cardinals thinks these childrens’ crusades are, I’m not putting on the floppy shoes …

  8. #8 Marcus Ranum
    October 13, 2007

    “The pope slowly worked his act up to the spoon-bending…”

  9. #9 MartinC
    October 13, 2007

    Papal inflatability called into question.

  10. #10 Cuttlefish
    October 13, 2007

    How Gary Aldridge got started.

  11. #11 Andrew
    October 13, 2007

    Of course, when Moses did it he turned his staff into a snake, but given the circumstances, the Pope didn’t think a snake would impress.

  12. #12 Salli
    October 13, 2007

    Only God can arrange these things. It’s a sign!

  13. #13 wil
    October 13, 2007

    “The Pontiff launched the Church’s radical new campaign in support of birth control by demonstrating it’s motto ‘Just tie a knot in it'”.

  14. #14 Marcus Ranum
    October 13, 2007

    “Clearly, these balloons did not tie themselves like this. They had a designer. Therefore God exists and created the universe.”

  15. #15 Alan
    October 13, 2007

    I is in ur drawers, stealing ur condomz!

  16. #16 Abel Pharmboy
    October 13, 2007

    Jeebus, and I missed Oktoberfest for this?

  17. #17 Jeri
    October 13, 2007

    And I knight thee…Sir Phallus.

  18. #18 notmercury
    October 13, 2007

    G. Gordon Liddy waits for the Sarin filled balloon to burst.

  19. #19 Ahistoricality
    October 13, 2007

    “Undeterred by the theft of his scepter, the Pope activated the Emergency Auto-Inflate Cross and finished the blessings.”

  20. #20 Iskra
    October 13, 2007

    Pope finds clever use for unused condoms.

  21. #21 Dangerous Bacon
    October 13, 2007

    “We’re all out of indulgences, but here’s a nice freebie.”

  22. #22 Alan Kellogg
    October 13, 2007

    1. Having promised the children he would use it…

    2. Recipients of blessings via this special crucifix noted a special enlightening effect.

    3. The sudden transformation of religious objects to balloon animal equivalents has been tied to the disappearance of Staten Island in a flash of light.

    4. The Vatican has denied this incident has anything to do with the beatification of Red Skeleton.

  23. #23 Herb
    October 14, 2007

    “I also do Bar Mitzvahs!”

  24. #24 angry doc
    October 14, 2007

    “Next, I make ein Swastika…”

  25. #25 Pithy Comment
    October 14, 2007

    “These be thy Gods O Israel”

  26. #26 Narc
    October 14, 2007

    This is my god now. Suck it, Jesus!

  27. #27 B
    October 14, 2007

    “In nominae de Patris, et Filis, et Espiritu Latex…”

  28. #28 Sid Schwab
    October 14, 2007

    Is this what they mean by a “thought ballon?”

  29. #29 Pharma Market Researcher
    October 14, 2007

    “Gosh darn it — why do all my ballon creations look like crosses?!!?!!?”

  30. #30 Godless Heathen
    October 14, 2007

    Pope entombes relics of latest Saint: St Krusty joins catholic pantheon despite being imaginary and jewish.

    Actually that’s been done before. So not really news.

  31. #31 Jon H
    October 14, 2007

    “Hello, children. I have candy in the PopeMobile. Would you like some?”

  32. #32 sil-chan
    October 15, 2007

    “And here is the dildo used by Mother Theresa, hence forth to be placed in the Vatican’s holy relic vault!”

  33. #33 Warren
    October 15, 2007

    1. Yet more evidence that the Catholic church is little more than a bunch of clowns.

    2. “Might, majesty and even mystery of Rome…”

  34. #34 Chuck McKay
    October 16, 2007

    It doesn’t keep the rain off, but this is only a prototype.

  35. #35 pv
    October 16, 2007

    Number 45 in the official Roman Catholic “101 Things To Do With A Condom”.

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