A belated welcome to a new ScienceBlogger

I’m a day late on this, but welcome ERV (a.k.a. endogenous retrovirus) to the Collective. A graduate student studying the molecular biology and evolution of HIV, her joining the Collective was forced to be earlier than she had intended because of an unfortunate incident resulting in the temporary removal of her old blog by Google. However her entrance into the Seed mothership, we’re glad she’s here now…


  1. #1 DLC
    April 29, 2008

    Welcome, ERV !
    Better late than never, oh wise and portentous box of glowing lights !

    I kinda saw this coming when I heard ERV had been taken down.
    Perhaps one day I too will write a blog, and it too will be of such quality that the scum will shout for it’s removal from the internet. But, until then, I will be content with reading some of my favorites here.

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