Mike the Mad Biologist

This New Neighbor Is Game

Dr. Free-Ride has a getting-acquainted exercise for us newbies. My answers are below. You’ll notice I didn’t use that awful word meme; here’s why.

3 reasons you blog about science:

1. To inform scientists and non-scientists about evolution, public health, and microbiology.

2. To taunt creationist morons.

3. Related to #2, if I blog about evolution enough, Jerry Falwell’s head might just explode (it’s a longshot, but worth trying anyway).

Point at which you would stop blogging:
When you pry my keyboard out of my cold, dead hands…

1 thing you frequently blog besides science:
Politics. Lotsa politics.

4 words that describe your blogging style:

1. Slightly deranged
2. Opinionated
3. Snarky
4. Relentless (I’m quite willing to beat a topic to death. For months, if that’s what it takes)

1 aspect of blogging you find difficult:
If I have been thinking too long about a post, I get bored and do not want to actually write the damn thing.

Ooh, look! Shiny pebble!

5 ScienceBlogs blogs that are new to you:

1. Terra Sigillata

2. Dynamics of Cats

3. Retrospectacle

4. Pure Pedantry

5. Framing Science

9 blogs you read outside the ScienceBlogs universe:

1. Gadflyer

2. driftglass

3. Majikthise

4. Shakespeare’s Sister

5. Thoughts from Kansas

6. MyDD.com

8. Hullabaloo

9. Pandagon

2 important features of your blogging environment:

1. Music. Loud, obnoxious music.

2. Adequate sleep.

6 items you would bring to a meet-up with the other ScienceBloggers:

1. Geeky T-shirt.

2. A pen.

3. Choclate something.

4. Guinness.

5. A book (you never know…).

6. Laptop.

5 conversations you would have before the end of that meet-up:

Being selfish, all five conversations would result in me being able to see other bloggers’ cool study organisms, fossils, or mechanical gizmos.


  1. #1 Abel Pharmboy
    June 10, 2006

    Hey Mike! Thanks for noticing me as new – hope I’m good enough to keep you as a reader.

  2. #2 boubou
    June 11, 2006

    Hello Mike,

    My question has nothing to do with this article, but only with biology. But I choose to post it here, instead of writing you an e-mail. If I choose the bad solution, I am sorry.

    So, I recently read a book written by a biologist, but I read only a few comment about this book and this kind of view in the science press, so can I ask you what do you think about it ?
    I find an article of this author:

  3. #3 Mike the Mad Biologist
    June 11, 2006


    I haven’t read the book.

  4. #4 boubou
    June 11, 2006

    yes, of course, but the article I gave is from this book, it’s just to give a general idea

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