Blogroll Open Enrollment Day!

Since the blogroll amnesty day earlier this month was such a flop, I thought I’d reframe it. Today is Blogroll Open Enrollment day! What that means is that this is your opportunity to get onto the Pharyngula blogroll, after you jump through some hoops.

There are a few absolute requirements.

  • For technical reasons, your weblog must have some kind of syndication. I browse other blogs through a newsreader, and my blogroll is compiled from my newsreader’s OPML file, so that’s the only way I can put you there.
  • You should check the current complete blogroll first—it’s so embarrassing to ask to be put on a blogroll when you’re already there.
  • It should be an active weblog. I do purge sites that haven’t been updated in 30 days.

There are a few suggestions.

  • There are some categories on the blogroll. You could tell me which you think is most appropriate. (Also, if you’re already on there and you don’t like your category, let me know and I’ll change it.)
  • You might say a little bit about what you write about, or link to one of your best posts.
  • Since you’re supposed to check my current complete blogroll anyway, it would be delightful if you would click through and read at least one site there that you haven’t heard of before…and if you like it, maybe you could tell everyone else about it.

Otherwise, just put a link to your weblog in the comments to this announcement, and I’ll look it over at some time in the next week. I’ll be generous in adding sites to the blogroll, but not absolutely brainless—so no, Michelle Malkin, you won’t be getting on to my reading list. I will keep your site on the list for at least 30 days, but no promises beyond that; don’t take it personally if I later find I just don’t read your site very often anyway and remove it from the list. I’m sure your weblog is lovely and wonderful and perfect for someone, but I might think we should just be friends.


  1. #1 J&M
    February 28, 2007

    Jesus and Mo are both regular readers of Pharyngula, and would be tickled pink if you put them on your blogroll.