Salon sucks

Salon has just published their report on Ken Ham’s creation “museum”, by author Gordy Slack, who has just released a book on the Dover trial. I haven’t read the book, although it was on my list to pick up this summer. No more. This was an awful bit of dreck, and I don’t think I could stomach reading a whole book written this way.

It’s dead, credulous reporting. Slack simply blandly reports the contents of the “museum,” and doesn’t offer a single word of criticism, and doesn’t even try to evaluate the accuracy of the claims. The protesters outside the gates are briefly mentioned, but otherwise the article just calls the place “beautiful”, and the words of Ken Ham and Mark Looy and various gullible visitors are unquestioningly quoted to praise it all. Sure, dinosaurs and people lived together; all the predators lived on fruit and vegetables; all the geology on the planet was carved by a single great worldwide flood 4000 years ago. Read it, and you get the impression that having an edifice dedicated to the proposition that all of physics, chemistry, geology, astronomy, and biology are wrong is perfectly reasonable, and the weirdos are the geeks standing in the rain outside complaining.

I thought the New York Times article was bad…but Salon has sunk to new depths of insipidity. I’ve been a subscriber to Salon since they first started, but this settles it for me—I won’t be resubscribing. This article wasn’t even expressing the usual phony “balance”—it’s biased in favor of creationism all the way through.

For shame, Salon.


  1. #1 Alex
    June 23, 2008

    None of them.

  2. #2 Arnosium Upinarum
    June 26, 2008

    Caledonian? (in # 133, “Fool! Have you never considered that the people knew exactly what Bush is and wanted him?”):

    Hell, Cal, not even Bush knows what he is. What can you possibly be saying? That people WANTED something they were completely clueless about?

    Or is your idea of “knowing” restricted to image? Actually, I might be tempted to agree that the latter may be diagnostic of the way many Americans judge character and wherewithal.

    It’s easy to forget during the time you are away that behind all the bluster is a fool of the first order. Thanks for the reminding.

    As for the “interpretation” by several others here, that the Slack article in Salon is somehow fashionably satirical or just a lame attempt at one, I must suppress my gorge rising up at the notion.

    Read anything else by Slack for a clue to the pattern. If it wasn’t for his shallow cognition and writing ability, one might perhaps charitably allow he’s a Master of Equivocation. Unfortunately, even in the craft of bullshit, he’s no expert.

    Sucks just plain sucks.

  3. #3 Michael Busick
    January 2, 2010

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