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Scientia Pro Publica #23 at Pleiotropy

The latest edition of Scientia Pro Publica has been divided between eight blog posts based on theme. True to form, a single edition has influenced multiple posts in the blogospheric version of pleiotropy.

Beginning | Biology | Conservation | Ethics | Medicine | Physics | Psychology | Conclusion

This edition is massive with contributors from the following blogs providing the best science writing on the net:

A DC Birding Blog Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog Bioblog: Biology in the News Code for Life Deep Sea News Deep Thoughts and Silliness (a Nature Network alum w00t!) EcoTone EnviroBuzz Genetic Future Lab Rat Living the Scientific Life (Scibling!!!) making owls cool since 1986 Maniraptora: Tastes Like Chicken mental indigestion PhD to be Rangle Reconciliation Ecology rENNISance woman (Another Nature Network alum w00t x2!) Reportergene Save Your Breath For Running Ponies Savvy Saplings Theoretically Speaking The Phytophactor This View of Earth Thoughtomics time travelling The Primate Diaries (never heard of it) xenobiotica and 360 Degree Skeptic

I would also add this post on Two New Cambrian Critters by Laelaps and What Makes a Haplorrhine a Haplorrhine? by A Primate of Modern Aspect. Congratulations all.