If Only It Were That Easy


(This is a screen cap of my desktop at work. The shortcuts are frequently-used folders, and I added one for my tenure materials only a couple of days ago.)


  1. #1 Joseph j7uy5
    August 25, 2006

    That is absolutely hilarious! I hope it helps.

  2. #2 brandon
    August 25, 2006

    Anything is easy when you’re streaming KEXP!

  3. #3 Jeff F.
    August 25, 2006

    The shortcuts to papers and research looks very useful too! They must be subfolders of your shortcut to tenure.

  4. #4 John Novak
    August 25, 2006

    In honor of that, I just made shortcut on my desktop called “Shortcut to Progress.”

    Made me feel better. That, and delivering a blistering, fifteen minute jeremiad about the insanities of our ability to plan things, here.

  5. #5 coturnix
    August 25, 2006

    OK, “Dissertation” just got renamed “Shortcut to Dissertation”. Thank you for the great motivational tool!

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