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Sb’s Latest Additions

We’ve got some new ScienceBloggers spreading the science and dishing the knowledge. Learn more about A Vote for Science, Genetic Future, Science After Sunclipse and Built on Facts after the jump.

In a recent post, Genetic Future asks: is personal genomics dead?

Welcome to the new blog roundup, where we’ll take a look at the newest members of the ScienceBlogs family.

First up is A Vote for Science. Unlike our other blogs, this is almost a channel unto itself. With postings by about a dozen ScienceBloggers and a few outside guests, A Vote for Science is a forum for all things related to the upcoming US Presidential Election. Which, if you are an Sb regular, you might have heard something about.

Next comes Dan MacArthur’s Genetic Future, a blog that aims to, as Dan puts it, “cut through the hype and bullshit associated with the brave new world of human genomics,” especially concerning the increasing number of commercial genetic tests. If that doesn’t get your click, then how about this: He’s an Aussie!

Science After Sunclipse is written by self-described “physics boffin” Blake Stacey—an MIT grad, but we won’t hold that against him. It’s a mixture of physics and culture, news and research, opinion and reporting.

Last, but certainly not least, is Built on Facts. Written by physics graduate student Matt Springer, this blog really puts the “science” in ScienceBlogs. Whether ranking the top 10 physicists or talking about how to best shoot at a the Moon, Built on Facts is for the reader who really wants to learn something from a blog and isn’t afraid of a little math.

As always, the ScienceBlogs community is ever expanding, so check back at 3.14 to read about the news kids on the block, or simply to see what more venerable blogs the Sb editorial staff thinks have been doing good work. Or up to no good. You know who you are! Ciao.