Quite some time ago I re wrote the Dada article on wiki to be more in the spirit of the movement. It didn’t last long. My thoughts were irrestistably drawn to that when I saw a can climate count global How lay on skeptic’s view warming (“thanks” R) at WUWT; here I present a translation that makes more sense than the original, a sort of anti-Dadaist art, if you will.

A a a a a a a a a agitated alarmists am an an And and and any apart apple apple argue ask at back bodies Bowring but But by call Cambridge can can century change Christopher climate climate climatology dare dare day denier discovery distance does drop each England enquire It experience expert explodes field force from global global global global Grantham Gravitation greatest greet have have he He head him How I I I I I I I I I in in in in in in invalidates inversely is is is is is is is is Isaac Isaac Isaac’s it it It It Law law lay Let Lincolnshire living looking looks Lucasian made man masses Mathematics me mind models my my Newton Newton no nobody nonentity nonsense Nonsense Nonsense of of of of of of of of of often on on or other out path period point predicted Professor proportional proportional Putting question quite Really rebuttal recent refute renowned repel replies respectable respond response How return right runaway say says science scientist see seventeen seventeenth Short simply Sir Sir Sir Sir sitting skeptics smiles square standard steady story sunny take temperatures that that that that the the the the the the the the the the the the their their their there this to to to to to to to tree tree two under universe University us warming warming warming What what What When which who wig with with with with wonderful world wrong wrong year you you your


  1. #1 Lars Karlsson

    This reminds me that I haven’t seen any disemvowelments for a long while.

  2. #2 Kevin O'Neill

    …For some there is no stopping
    Most stop or get a style
    When they stop they make
    a convention
    That is their end…

    From For Richard Mutt, by C. Demuth, Blindman No. 2

  3. #3 BBD

    Or alternatively:

    Lager lager lager lager
    Lager lager lager lager
    Lager lager lager
    Mega mega white thing
    Mega mega white thing
    Mega mega white thing
    Mega mega
    Shouting lager lager lager lager
    Mega mega white thing
    Mega mega white thing
    So many things to see and do
    In the tube hole true

    With apologies to Underworld.

  4. #4 boris

    bbd: no cold, cold, warm, warmer, hahaha, dada
    funny funny funny bunny
    sun warm carbon not hahaha
    nobel ice cold hooooohooooo

  5. #5 BBD


  6. #7 Hank Roberts

    [They missed some of the best, early ones. Of those listed

    Slowly edit warred over several years to include it in itself despite the guidelines saying otherwise.

    sounds best -W]

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