Local Newspaper Publishes Criticism of Bob Lind

Local newspaper Skånskan recently published a highly credulous account of amateur archaeologist Bob Lind's outlandish interpretations of an Early Iron Age cemetery in Ravlunda parish. I wrote them to complain, and staff writer Karsten Bringmark asked me for a statement. Which made it onto the paper's web site, and possibly into print as well?

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I see that Bob Lind has already left a reply to your comments on that page. From what I can figure out using Google Translate, he blows off your comments because you lack knowledge of archaeoastronomy -- very amusing. Good work for challenging the quacks!

That reply is pretty illustrative. It's poorly spelled and structured, it's full of invective, and out of the blue Bob starts talking about phalluses.

Well, as Bob so eloquently points out, you're not an archaeo-astronomer. Only other archaeo-astronomers may criticise archaeo-astronomical claims. Along the same lines, only homeopaths may criticise homeopathy, and the same goes for holocaust revisionists.

What on earth were you thinking, dabbling in fields outside your own area of expertise?

Basically I'm just envious of all his amazing discoveries.

Easy to fix. In the middle of a post about metaldetecting attack mispelled phalluses. Or something like that.