Moving House


After a bit more than seven and a half years, we're leaving our apartment on Burbot Street and moving to a 114 sqm house on Shroud Street. Fisksätra's four main housing areas have street names themed for fish, fishing gear, boat details and sea birds respectively. I've lived on Carp Bream Street and Grayling Street before. Spent most of my young manhood in those three apartments. And now Junior deserves a room of his own and my wife wants a corner for her easel and a few flower beds. Me, I want... I don't actually want anything I haven't already got (except a uni job). But I look forward to the novelty of unfamiliar surroundings. And some greenery outside the window. And a bird feeder!

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Wednesday 5 Oct. 17:00. About Fisksätra before the 1970s housing development. Fisksätra shopping centre, HAMN project office. Thursday 13 Oct. 10:00. About Bronze Age sacrificial sites. Uppsala, Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3, Dept of Archaeology. Monday 17 Oct. 18:30. About pseudoarchaeology…
For the past ten years, I've lived with my family in rented apartments in a 1970s housing estate that covers the erstwhile infields of the poor tenant farm of Fisksätra. Yesterday, my wife and I signed a contract to buy a 114 sqm house on one of the surrounding hills, BÃ¥thöjden, "Boat Hill"!…
October drizzle can be quite photogenic in my part of the world. Here's a view from the bridge to Fisksätra holme. (I just discovered Pixlr, an excellent free on-line image editor that runs in your browser.)
Frost on rowan trees in Fisksätra at sun-up on New Year's Day. (Note the blackbird.) [More blog entries about photography, trees; foto, träd, nacka.]

How did it go with the Gotland gig? I've not seen if any news about it, but I know you applied and though there were some competitors I'd rank you as one of the top candidates in that group.

Thanks man! Deciding who gets the job generally takes seven months, and the application deadline was on 30 October. I'll let you guys know around 1 June...

Good luck with the move, and enjoy Boat Hill!

ooh, like the pond lilly picture, wife paint that?