Copulation Music

Musical styles can have really weird names. There's sauce music (salsa), meringue music (merengue), juvenile delinquent music (punk), record collection music (disco), LSD warehouse music (acid house), popular music (pop), you name it. But some of the most intensely loved musical styles have names that mean "copulation music".

"Jazz" was once a verb meaning "to fuck". Jazz music was originally played in the better class of New Orleans brothel, where men would listen to music before, well, getting down to some actual jazzing and jizzing.

Likewise with "swing". A verb meaning "to fuck". (Here the etymology is less clear as "swing" could denote pretty much anything that moved to and fro rhythmically.)

And, famously, "rock and roll" meant "to fuck" long before it became the name of a musical style. As Little Richard asked Miss Molly in 1956, "While you're rockin' and a-rollin', can't you hear your mama call?".

My friend Pär used to live in the apartment under an amorous couple who would jazz, swing, rock and roll loudly with the window open. They clearly wouldn't have heard anybody, mama or not, calling for them. He once went out onto his balcony, recorded their expostulations and used them as vocals for a techno song.

Anybody here like to listen to swingin' jazz rock in the bedroom?

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Uh, "bump and grind"?

By Bill the Cat (not verified) on 18 Sep 2009 #permalink

Ha I a guy I met knew I liked classical, & at his place just set his Itunes on shuffle, and Handel's Messiah kept coming up! I gave up after the chorus "And He shall purify the sons of Levi, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness."