Weekend Fun

Had a lot of fun this weekend:

  • Went skating twice, once with each of my kids.
  • Went skiing with my wife.
  • Got beaten at Pitch Car four times by my kids.
  • Took the kids to a birthday party for a charming friend of mine, populated largely by former physics engineers who are now programmers.
  • Took my son to a concert with 50s and 60s pop tunes performed by a choir and solists.
  • Had post-concert dinner with friends & son.

And you, Dear Reader?


More like this

- rode on my road bike for eight hours.
- watched "snatch" for the first time.
- made gingerbread pancakes
- read "reading sex and the city" & "from DNA to diversity"

- Also went skating twice
- Did the '09 books and '10 budget for an association I'm the cashier for
- Cooked and served two good dinners (if I may say so myself...): first, crayfish tails in an ouzo/tarragon/sambal oelek cream sauce, served with red quinoa; and second, chicken stuffed with goat cheese, basiland sundried tomatoes, served with fettucine.
- Started reading Stephen Fry's "The Ode Less Travelled"

- Had a blind date, best part was the parsnip cakes at dinner, like crab cakes but with shredded parsnip, very delicate and subtly sweet -- now there's another underrated vegetable for you. What are they in Swedish?
- Visited my parents and had milk and cookies with my niece
- Watched four hours of Jersey Shore while drinking yerba mate, Ilex paraguariensis, which came up in the comments a couple months ago; I really like it.

New York City and 6 other major US cities left in flames and rubble.

Not that that was the plan. But sometimes plans go tragically awry.

Colin, how did you get home after travelling for eight hours?

Thinker, I can't let my wife see that or she will start lusting after you. Or at least your cooking.

Kevin, that's one of the most annihilating reviews of a date I've ever heard.

Cicely, you sure have your fun...

There were all these giant robots.... With lasers.

On the plus side, I think we've got the Nano-bot Zombie Plague pretty well sorted out.

Next up: the Alien Brain-eating Lizard Invasion, already in progress.

Went to Spartan Times wild game dinner, on the menu; goose pilaf, barbequed wild boar ribs, mountain lion green chili, roasted pheasant, roasts and kabobs of venison, antelope, elk, and bear.

Montain lion? Is that Puma concolor? Odd to eat a predator. I guess the chili masked the taste. And antelope -- is that the pronghorn, Antilocapra americana?