Weekend Fun


  • Had friends over to play some Abalone, Hell Rail and Balderdash. 11-y-o Junior often joins our board-game sessions these days.
  • Bought ski boots for Junior and went skiing with him and the Rundkvist ladies.
  • Watched Where the Wild Things Are. Nice visuals, but the movie unexpectedly turned out mainly to explore the complicated personal relationships between a group of monsters. They all behave like a cross between small children and old junkies and are pretty annoying.
  • Celebrated Chinese New Year's Eve at an unassuming suburban restaurant that made my wife nostalgic through its genuine tacky first-wave Chinese restaurant in Sweden décor. Happy new Year of the Wooden Tiger!
  • Went skating with Juniorette & her tiny buddy who takes hockey classes and skates like a demon. I type this upon returning from the ice rink.
  • For Sunday night, I was invited to a friend's place to try my hand at Dominion for the first time.

And you, Dear Reader? What did you do for fun this past weekend?


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I read you on my Kindle during the week, which is not a felicitous way to leave comments, but here is the weekend and a laptop, so hello! Loved your recent pieces and the comment strings.

It is misty green in Oregon, and I will spend the day grading my college writing students. This evening a group of friends called The Kat Pack (after my Chinese friend Kat Chinn) will go out for the best Thai food in Eugene at The Ring of Fire.

Next week, The Eugene Natural History people will host an interesting paleontologist from the Univ. of Oregon speaking on climate change over the span of Oregon's paleohistory.

Should be interesting!

Have a great Valentine's Day!

I went skating at an outdoor rink here in Saskatchewan with several exchange students, many of whom had never been skating before. Then we went to a hockey game, that being many people's first time watching hockey as well. Even a couple of Norwegian and Finnish students had never been to a game before, which came as a bit of a surprise to me. There's plenty of hockey talent in Scandinavian countries, but I am told it's still not incredibly popular over there (or at least not as popular as it is here...but this is Canada, so that makes sense!)

More carnage and destruction, I'm afraid. Oh, if only certain people could learn how to save the world without breaking it!