Best Reads of 2011

Here are my best reads in English during 2011. I only read 38 books this year (blame the Internet), which is why the really good ones are fewer than usual.

  • Bonk. The curious coupling of sex and science. Mary Roach 2008. A charming look at the history of sex research.
  • The Culture of Fear. Why Americans are afraid of the wrong things. Barry Glassner 1999. If you don't already hate the US media, this book will kindle the flame.
  • Joy in the Morning. P.G. Wodehouse 1946. Extremely witty and extremely unrealistic.
  • History and the Gods. An essay on the idea of historical events as divine manifestations in the ancient Near East and in Israel. Bertil Albrektson 1967. You think Jahwe was the first god who communicated by military victory and drought?

What were your best reads of the year?

Here's my list for 2010.


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I second "Bonk".

I see cannibalism as ethically indeterminate. We quit eating people meat, but we still torture and kill people. And just let the meat spoil. /-: