Call For Papers: Lifestyles At Medieval Castles

Together with Dorthe Wille-Jørgensen, Curator at the Danish Castle Centre in Vordingborg, I'm organising a paper session on Medieval castles at the 22nd annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists. This is in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, 31 August to 4 September 2016. Here’s our session abstract:

Lifestyles At Medieval Castles: Current Methodological Approaches
This session gather researchers working with the way people lived in Medieval castles. It aims to showcase the best current methodology to excavate, sample and study the culture layers in and around castles. This also includes work with museum collections from earlier excavations, laboratory methods for extracting information, and strategies for placing the data in a fruitful dialogue with written sources. Important questions are how to identify the functions of buildings and rooms (possibly changing over time), daily activities, diet and the performances of the courtly/chivalric lifestyle, all in relation to the various social and gendered groups who inhabited a castle. The session looks at castles from the viewpoint of their inhabitants, not of their architects, their military commanders or besieging armies.

The session lasts half a day and consists of 15-minute presentations, including discussion.

Dorthe and I hope to have many interesting contributions! Apply here.

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