More Changes

A couple of weeks ago, I started making some changes to the blog. I had hoped to get all of them done that weekend, but the weather interfered with that plan. (It was nice; I went swimming.) This weekend, it's pouring rain out, so I've managed to get a little bit done. If you look at the sidebar, you'll see that the old categories have disappeared, and new ones have taken their place. As of this minute, I've only gone back and assigned new categories to a handful of posts, so only a few categories are currently live. The number will increase over the next few hours, as I continue to go back through the older material.

The new category arrangement should be somewhat self-explanitory, but I'll probably post something explaining it once I've re-categorized the majority of the posts. That's probably going to take a day or two - I've got over 350 posts up now, so even if I manage to do one per minute, I'm still looking at a few hours of work.

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