Steele's "Weak Reviews"

I'm still trying to fully digest the implications of Specter's Switch, but there was something in one of the Politico articles on the defection that I can't resist commenting on now:

In 2001, Republicans still had the House and the White House. Now they have neither. Instead, they have a Republican National Committee chairman who is drawing weak reviews for gaffes...

What? Are they kidding? Steele's gaffes get great reviews. There's nobody in American politics today who can manage to jump, stuff both feet in his mouth, and land flat on his ass in front of the camera the way Michael Steele does. It's spectacular. And he does it almost every time.


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I agree but, without reading the rest of the Politico article, the quote implies that the rest of the GOP is doing fine, and Steele is just hurting them.
Scapegoat anyone?