Struggling with how to blog the proposal

When I joined ScienceBlogs, I was halfway done preparing for my comprehensive exams. That involved a lot of reading, re-reading, and then practice essays. I blogged that to stay honest - you could see weeks that I didn't accomplish as much as well as pretty productive weeks. I also got some great feedback from readers on some of my reactions to some of the articles.

So now I'm working on my proposal, and I have been for a while... with nothing really to show for it. I'm trying to work out a way I can blog the proposal so you all can keep me honest again (since you were so good at it last time). It's hard, though, because there aren't the same sort of stopping points. One reason it's been a little quiet around here.

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The more time you take for your proposal - the better you will feel at the end.. Will try to help you out if you can brief me on your topic and the methodology you plan to adopt