Information behavior of Zombies


How do zombies seek and use information?  What are their information needs?

Their information needs primarily consist of finding brains. They pretty much search by geographic proximity and pattern matching. The type of browsing they do doesn't seem to be well supported by information systems.


How should a reference interview with a Zombie go?  No studies have been published on walk-up reference, but there are some ideas on doing phone or virtual reference. The zombies aren't really good with a mouse, so in virtual reference it's best to send images. In telephone reference, screaming doesn't seem to help, just repeat back their question and then slowly repeat the instructions on how to locate brains.


Other Zombie information you might find useful:

The picture on my profile is somewhat out of date, here's a more recent picture:


(Picture courtesy Joseph Hewitt,, and you should take a look at his current project at


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